Regional Office of Education #9
Champaign - Ford Counties


The Regional Office of Education sponsors or promotes several programs.
These are:

Additional Programs and Services:

Distribution of State Funds.

Visiting and Inspecting School Facilities for Recognition and Approval

Assisting in Truancy Cases

Administering Education Process for the Youth Detention Center

Assisting Local School Districts in Complying with Program Changes Required by Law

Serving as Liaison Between the State Legislature and the Local School Districts

Assisting with Chapter I and Chapter II Grants to Local School Districts

Providing Assistance to Local School Districts in Employing New Administrative Personnel

Assisting Local School Districts in Complying with Legal Requirements, such as School Reorganization

Assisting Students, Parents, Teachers, Administrators and School Boards in Providing the Most Optimal Education System to Citizens of Champaign and Ford Counties

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