Retired Teacher Information

Information for Retired Educators can be found here on the ISBE website.

Changing your PD/Employment Status in ELIS

1. Log in to your ELIS account at 

2. On the right-hand side of your credential page, click on the pencil icon. In the drop-down menu click on Update your PD/Employment Status. For the semesters you have been retired, use the drop-down box to select Retired (see option "d" at the bottom of the page). 

3. You will need to enter your PD for the years that you have taught. 

4. Note your renewal date for your Professional Educator License (PEL). You will need to log back in to your ELIS account to renew your license by the renewal date. 

Updating your IWAS E-mail Address

If you are using a school email address to login or retrieve your password please make sure to update your IWAS e-mail address to an email account that you will have access to at home.

  1. Log in into your ELIS account.

  2. Select “Edit Profile” on the left‐hand side.

  3. On the My Profile page, update your IWAS email address and click “Submit” when finished.  You have now successfully updated your email address in IWAS.