READY Celebrates the Illinois Bicentennial
READY Celebrates the Illinois Bicentennial
Monday, December 03, 2018

READY students are celebrating the 200th birthday of Illinois. It took 1728 squares to complete the wooden mosaic of Abraham Lincoln. John Leaman and Seth Dewhirst had their students cut reclaimed pallet wood to create the design.

Miguel and Morgan

Students made salt maps representing the population changes in Illinois from 1818 to present day.

Adrian, Miguel, Nuradin 

Here are a few more pictures from the Illinois Bicentennial Celebration today. 

Andre, Melissa Depolo (teacher), Treyton, Corey, Devontis

Melissa Depolo (teacher)

Andre, Devontis, John Leaman (teacher), Greg Koerner (principal)

Information about the Totem Pole

Andre, John Leaman (teacher), Corey, Devontis, Omar