GED® Frequently Asked Questions

Our office staff frequently is asked questions about the GED®. We even have a webpage dedicated to answering these frequently asked questions (FAQ's). To easily navigate to the page follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Explore 
  3. Click on GED®/HSE
  4. You can either click on GED® Frequently Asked Questions or you can click on GED® Transcript and Certificate Release Form

1. What is the GED®?

The GED® is an examination of General Educational Development. 

2. Who can take the GED® Test?

Individuals who meet all of the following conditions are eligible to take the GED® Test:

  • 18 years of age or older*
  • does not have a high school diploma or high school equivalency credential and is not currently enrolled in a secondary school
  • is a resident of the State of Illinois

Note: *If an individual is 17 years old and has been enrolled in a public, private, or a home school setting in the last 12 months, they must present a withdrawal letter from the last school enrolled in before taking the GED® tests.

Click here for more information. 

3. What subjects are on the test and how long is each test?

The GED® Test consists of 4 sections:

  • Reasoning Through Language Arts - 150 minutes
  • Mathematical Reading - 115 minutes
  • Science - 90 minutes
  • Social Studies - 90 minutes

4. How can I prepare for the test?

  • GED® classes can be taken through Parkland Community College Adult Education Program.  Visit the website by following the link, or call 217-351-2580 for more information. 
  •  Study materials are available on the GED® website and can be found by clicking here
  • Your local library may also have study materials available for your use. 

5. How much does the test cost?

Each section of the test costs $30, for a total of $120. 

6. How do I register for the test?

You will need to register for the test on the GED® website - click here

7. Is passing the GED® test the only requirement to earn my high school equivalency certificate?

You must also take and pass the Illinois Constitution test as required by Illinois Complied Statutes - School code (105 ILCS 5/27-3). There is no fee to take the Constitution Test and it may be taken at any time. To schedule your test at Parkland Community College, please click here

8. How can I get a GED® transcript or Certificate?

Click here for the GED® Transcript and Certificate Request Form. 

Transcripts and Certificates are $10 each. Our office accepts payment in the form of cash or money order. Mail your payment and request form to ROE 9 * 3358 Big Pine Trail * Champaign, IL 61822. Money orders can be made out to ROE 9. If you are in the area you can stop in the office to fill out a request form and pay for your transcript and/or certificate. The ILHSE portal opens at 8:30 AM. We ask that all requests are submitted by 4 PM if you will be walking in to our office location.