Prescription Drug Safety

National Family Partnership is pleased to share an additional resource to promote the safe use and disposal of prescription drugs through our partnership with the Prescription Drug Safety Network.

The Prescription Drug Safety Network’s flagship initiative offers free digital lessons to high school educators. This dynamic, digital experience informs students about the risks of prescription drug abuse and misuse, including:

  • The importance of following prescription instructions precisely.
  • How to read and understand prescription labels, including caution or risk statements.
  • Safe use, storage and disposal of prescription medications.

As a partner in this initiative, the National Family Partnership is proud to help introduce this resource to the high schools in your community. Please share this with educators across your network by directing them to this no-cost prescription drug safety digital resource.

Prescription Drug Safety Network (PDSN) is a national coalition of industry leaders, state officials, and community health organizations committed to empowering youth with the knowledge and skills to make safe and healthy decisions around prescription medications. Since the Network’s inception in 2017, the program has reached 300,000 students with digital prevention education lessons across all 50 states.